My Computer Sketches Poets

Poems (by Humans) with Portraits (by Machine)

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The portraits of poets in this carousel were created with U-2-Net, which can be used to create drawings based on images. The U-2-Net paper is linked below and their code is available on github. All of the original images are from Wikipedia, and clicking on any image in the carousel will bring you to the original image with relevant credits and license information.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Computer-generated image
Alda Merini (Based on original photo by Giuliano Grittini)
Computer-generated image
A. E. Housman (Based on original photo portrait by E. O. Hoppé)
Computer-generated image
Eileen Myles (Based on original photo by David Shankbone)
Computer-generated image
Frank O'Hara (Based on original photo)
Computer-generated image
Kaveh Akbar (Based on original photo by Birbiglebug)

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Further reading

Xuebin Qin, Zichen Zhang, Chenyang Huang, Masood Dehghan, Osmar R. Zaiane, Martin Jagersand. "U2-Net: Going deeper with nested U-structure for salient object detection, " Pattern Recognition, Volume 106, 2020,